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Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching

I EMPOWER women to TRANSFORM their bodies & minds, get FITTER & STRONGER & help them reclaim their CONFIDENCE without giving up the things they love! 


'You are part of a team at Shea Fitness with a supportive community of people, all looking to become better versions of themselves'

- Claire, 2021.


My Promise To You

Firstly, my promise to you - NO low-fat, strict low-calorie diets.

My goal is to empower you to make long-term sustainable changes that you can incorporate into your life every day!

This is done through 1:1 coaching with me where I will teach you all you need to know about training, nutrition & mindset!


You will also be part of Team Shea Fitness, where all the other members connect via our WhatsApp & Facebook Group.





Training Plan

Gym or home-based workouts.

You will be designed a training program based on your ability, goals and circumstances to get you feeling stronger, fitter and healthier.

A full video library is available to watch on- demand to instruct on all exercises!

Nutrition Coaching

Build a deeper understanding of nutrition to achieve your goals.

I will give you specific calorie and macronutrient advice and equip you with

all the information you need to begin your journey towards a better relationship with food.

You will also receive a recipe book along with sample meal ideas.

We also look at other factors such as stress, sleep & the menstrual cycle (female clients)

Weekly Check-ins & ongoing support via WhatsApp & Facebook

Accountability is key!

Weekly check-ins whereby we assess everything & see how the week went with regards to training & nutrition. Ongoing support via WhatsApp - if you ever need advice or have any questions

regarding your plan!

I also have a Facebook group packed full of advice on mindset techniques that will help you throughout the process.

To Apply for Coaching or for more information about upcoming start dates, contact me on: 

+353 83 8419 737




I had contemplated getting a personal trainer for a couple of years but often found them super intense and intimidating. I have been working with Nerissa since early September and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Nerissa tailored every aspect of my plan to my own specific goals. Like most people- during lockdown I was eating too much of the wrong things, energy was lacking and quite simply I was not moving enough. Over the past three months Nerissa has helped me to gain a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I am eating more than I ever have while never being restricted- I always manage to squeeze my few squares of chocolate into my day when I feel like it.

In the past, I have never been majorly excited by working out- as a dancer I always believed that I had to do immense amounts of cardio to keep fit which is definitely not the case. Nerissa tailored every aspect of my plan to my own specific goals. If there was ever any part of the workouts that I wasn’t a major fan of or I was finding super difficult- she would change it, no questions asked.

She is extremely helpful- always going that extra mile. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. With her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to her work, she provides the perfect scenario for change and success which helped me to set foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

Before working with Nerissa, I would have never even considered stepping foot in the gym but she has equipped me with the skills, confidence, and knowledge that I feel as though I could if I wanted.  I am immensely happy with my results having lost over 18 cm all over, higher energy levels, better sleeping pattern and just feel generally in better health

- Erin

Since starting my training with Nerissa I feel as though I’ve changed in a very good way. Working through the pandemic has taken its toll and made me re-evaluate what was important to me. The answer always came back to the same thing, my health and happiness. I knew I had to do something but I just didn’t know what!
I had heard of Nerissa through a work colleague and so the creepin’ began!!!
I followed Nerissa on social media and saw what message she was sending out to the world and I very quickly decided that this was message I could get on board with and be a part of.
I was very blunt from the beginning as I knew if I wanted to make some serious changes then I had to be honest with myself.
Nerissa encouraged that and took it all in her (very professional) stride. I knew from the first voice note I received on Instagram that she was the gal for the job!
Nerissa made me feel so at ease and really believed in me that I could do it. She probably doesn’t know this, but her encouragement really kept me going, because although we had only just met, I felt like she knew me for years and really believed in me.

24/7 she was there to help with any questions I had with literally anything! The training itself was a big change for me, but Nerissa made it enjoyable and interesting and I feel like I’ve learned SO much i.e. progressive overload!! Now I get excited over getting heavier weights and BECOMING STRONGER.
The nutrition I really thought I’d struggle with. However, with coaching from Nerissa I learned I do not need to cut anything out, but to enjoy life and enjoy food, without having to have massive portions of it!
Now, I have my coffee with some chocolate and I don’t feel guilty, and that’s what it’s about!
I feel so much healthier, I’m much happier and I’m enjoying my life much more these days, and it’s all because of the approach, training and guidance Nerissa has provided.
I’ve tried lots of diets and what not before, however Nerissa’s training is the one that’s sticking, because it’s realistic and achievable!
Not to mention I fit into my skinny jeans again.. WOO!

- Tara

Working with Nerissa has been an absolute LIFE CHANGER! Not only is she a very talented & professional PT but she puts in that extra effort to equip you with as much knowledge (she literally is a walking encyclopedia) to get the best results for YOU!

She is constantly doing more & more courses which allow YOU, her client to grow even more. As she tells us ‘Knowledge is Power’ & it sure is. Since starting my training with Nerissa I have learned & gained so much! It is all about progress & not perfection and with Nerissa’s guidance and support, I am achieving & smashing goals every week. 

She helps you gain a healthy balance between exercise & food. She sets up a WhatsApp group where her clients can all communicate and it really is just another aspect of how amazing working with Nerissa really is! 

I love it as we are a group, who most have never met from all over the country and now we talk everything from workouts to recipes, to the dreaded DOMS to what’s good on Netflix! It is a group where everyone shares their stories & progress and encourages each other. We are all creating a new sustainable lifestyle and becoming the best version of US. All thanks to our amazing coach Nerissa. She really is THE BEST!

- Donna 


I had always been a health and fitness advocate - I loved strength and conditioning training and had been an avid gym goes for last six years or so but a shoulder injury in 2019, left me wary of the gym and the fear of injuring it again killed any enjoyment I had previously found in it.Before starting with Nerissa, I had completed mobility training and had gotten the range of movement back into my shoulder so felt I was in a good place to start again, in the meantime I had found a new hobby in running.

I could not have asked for someone better to restart my strength journey with. Nerissa had a video call with me before started the six week programme. We talked about my goals- what I wanted to achieve in the near term and any concerns I had. I immediately felt reassured about any training plan she was going to put together for me, because give her own dancing background, she knew what it was like to comeback from injury and how to do it in a sustainable way, little did I know then, that her knowledge in that area would be needed again during the six weeks.

I rekindled my love for strength training working with Nerissa. She was always on the other end of the phone and her voice notes left me feeling motivated and ready to tackle the week. I was also doing a lot of running during the time, aprx 45km a week, and she tailored my plan to suit my different training requirements, sending me hints and tips to help improve my breathing while running. I knocked 12minutes off my half marathon PB, the strength training without a doubt helped me achieve that goal.

Next thing up Nutrition- Nerissa gave me calories that didn’t leave me feel starved at the end of the day, sure I was in a deficit but it certainly did feel like it. I could have my chocolate or jelly’s once they fit into my calories and I did not feel deprived. I also needed the accountability each week, When your reporting into someone each week, it really does push you on. The WhatsApp group for the programme had such a sense of community too and people were sharing recipes and high protein foods they’d picked up, so you always had something new to try or felt motivated to cook a new meal.

Four weeks in, I injured my Achilles running. Nerissa could not have done anymore to help me, she completely understood what I was going through, the adjustments I had to make and adjusted my calories and sent me a new plan focused on upper body splits. Her words of encouragement got me through that first week of injury, when I was feeling mighty sorry for myself...she kicked my ass into gear, in the nicest possible way. It was what I needed!

So this testimonial has turned more into a story and I could keep going! Reasons to join with Nerissa, she is the best coach- always on hand to help, there for motivation when you need it the most, her knowledge and she loves what’s she does- she just gets it too. The accountability- having someone to report into each week most definitely helped me with my progression and lastly the community she created, great bunch of people on a journey together.

- Sinead 


Last February all of our lives turned upside down with the pandemic. We all joke and laugh to say we havent stopped eating since but honestly eating calorie dense food was what made me feel better after putting in trojan hours on the frontline. The fat was piling on but it was easy to ignore because it's not like I was dressing up to go out to the pub or that. It was so easy to stop looking after my physical health and pretend it was okay because 'we are in a pandemic'

I got to a point where I just needed some help with it. 

Miss Nerissa Shea couldnt have come at a better time for me. I walked in with little to no knowledge about anything... especially calorie deficit eating. I mean I couldn't even use the app to track my food to even start. She taught me everything in baby steps and made sure I understood everything. Every time I had a concern she was there on the other side of a voice note with her bubbly, encouraging and kind words to help me in every step of the way. She thought me the difference between weight loss and fat loss and how scales really dont mean anything... especially for us gals. You would have to experience Nerissa to truly understand how amazing of a Personal Trainer she is. I am happier, stronger and more confident in myself since starting this and I am so thankful to have had Nerissa to guide me. It's the start of a new lifestyle for me and I have been taught a very solid foundation

- Chloe


The best decision I ever made was joining Shea fitness with Nerissa she is an amazing person with such a fun character. She has unloaded her knowledge onto me and I couldn’t be more grateful! I thought I had a good knowledge of the fitness world, but how wrong was I! I used to try and go to the gym 3-4 times a week killing myself at classes that I did not even enjoy now I actually enjoy working out and being active!  I did not think tracking calories was for me until I realised how easy it is and how manageable it can be. The workouts are brilliant and having someone to hold you accountable is the best part! It makes you think twice about what you are putting into your mouth! She made me realise how important it is to put yourself first and listen to how you are feeling. I have never been afraid to tell her anything as she is so approachable and kind, you are part of a team at Shea fitness with a supportive community of people all looking to become better versions of themselves. Nerissa is one of the best and so excited to continue on for another 6 weeks

- Claire


I have always been quite active and enjoyed exercising but I have never had a healthy, sustainable relationship with exercise or food.

Before starting with Nerissa I was working out consistently each week but found myself feeling tired and unmotivated. No matter what I did I couldn’t see any changes to my body or the way I was feeling. I knew something needed to change so I reached out to Nerissa. 

In the 12 weeks I have been training with Nerissa she has shared so much knowledge about nutrition, workouts and even hormones. She has been a great support when I have had a few wobbles along the way and is always keen to celebrate even the smallest of wins.

I love that Nerissa’s moto is progress not perfection. Nerissa has always said from day 1 to look at the week as a whole not just one day in the week and she is 100% right. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have messaged her to say “You were right” when implementing something she had suggested. 

But it’s not just Nerissa and her amazing work, it is also the supportive community she has created. I love checking the group messages and seeing all the recommendations, new recipes and congratulatory messages.

Really looking forward to continuing to work with Nerissa and the amazing community at Shea Fitness.

- Ashleigh


I've known nerissa for nearly 8 years and when I saw that she started coaching I knew that I wanted to join her program. 

After having two babies within 15 months of each other I knew I needed help and a lot of guidance. Nerissa has been PERFECT for me. She is so approachable and helpful in every way she possibly can - 24/7.

I was dreading starting back exercising after two pregnancies because I knew I was weak but within a couple of weeks I felt like a new person. I was making better nutrional food choices which in turn helped my strength progress. Nerissa guided me through all of this.

Her support and work ethic is inspirational. She cares so much for each and every one of her clients and always has the best smile on her face. There is a great community spirit between her clients and its so nice to have support from other people on the same journey 

Her knowledge is just fantastic and I'm loving my much improved way of life for me and my babies. 


Thank you, Nerissa for being the best coach.

- Emer


Absolutely blown away by how amazing the last 6 weeks has been and cannot thank you enough!

I started 11 weeks postpartum and the results every week keep surprising me. I thought it would take a lot longer to feel back to normal especially around my stomach, hips and lower back but i’m in shock at the difference. Im not one for taking pictures weekly but i’m so glad i had to so I can really see the change! 

And not only do I feel normal again but I have so much energy for my 4 month old! 

I am also getting married this year and your course has given me so much confidence back after having a baby. I literally cannot thank you enough Nerissa and could not recommend you more! Your plans and on call support has been incredible, and one of my favourite things has been your exercise video library - where i can go to refer to any exercise and double check if i am doing the correct form. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks 

- Mairead


Working with Nerissa has completely changed my outlook on food, exercise and overall health. I’ve learned so much from just sitting back and really thinking about what foods I’m putting into my body. I’m eating more than ever yet my measurements were down every single week! I’ve learned that I can still have those treats and keep my measurements down. I myself have always found it hard to stick to a routine of working out and eating healthy but working with Nerissa has gotten me into such a great routine now and I definitely won’t be looking back. The workouts are great I really enjoy them and if there is anything I was unsure of I could watch the videos back and also message Nerissa she is literally a book of knowledge! I cannot thank you enough for making me see food and working out in a different way and I am now so much more confident in myself. I cannot wait for the next 6 weeks to see more unreal results I cannot recommend you enough!

- Sarah


A friend of mine raved about this personal training program, she couldn't reccomend Nerissa more! I had to try it, and im so glad I did! This past year has been hard for everyone, and I struggled. As a frontline worker, the pressure was on and I managed my stress is unhealthy ways. I gained a fair amount of weight, and just wasn't happy with myself overall. After just a couple weeks working with Nerissa,  I could already feel positive changes happening- not just with fat loss, but more importantly my optimism and self-esteem was starting to return. 

Nerissa and her program has been such a great addition to my life. Its so nice to feel  so supported and a part of something. She is always there to answer any of my questions, concerns, or just for the chats! I have even sent her pictures of what i am eating for help guestimate the calorie count! Haha

I also love how you're connected to others doing the same program. They've all been great supports as well. 6 weeks down, and (at least) 6 more to go!! Thanks Nerissa!

- Allie


Doing this course was the best decision I have ever made!. Nerissa is so attentive to all my needs it was actually so much easier than I was expecting. As a mammy to a very active toddler and working full time I didn't feel I had enough time to put towards fitness and my own health, I was very wrong! I now have more energy than I ever did before. I feel stronger and happier. I am over the moon with the results I have so far. My entire frame of mind has changed around health and fitness. I am now stearing away from just wanting to loose weight and stearing towards being stronger and healthier! I can't thank her enough!

- Lisa



I started my journey with Nerissa on the 4th of January this year and it has been without a doubt the best experience. Nerissa is so enthusiastic and encouraging all the time which has really helped me to stay motivated. I had never done weight training before so it was something I was kind of worried about but Nerissa was on hand to help every step of the way and I absolutely love weight training now. I have learned so much about nutrition from Nerissa, she is a fountain of knowledge!

What I really love about working with Nerissa is the personalised touch she has for each client. It is not a one size fits all kind of program, each program is made specifically for that person and that's what makes it work so well. 

Over the last 12 weeks, my measurements have come down, I have become stronger and I am so much more confident in myself and my body. Thank you Nerissa for providing me with the tools and knowledge needed to get this far and thank you for always being there to help. No question is to big or to small for you to help with and I am so grateful for all your support. 

If you are thinking of signing up with Nerissa, think no more, DO IT, she is the best coach!! 

Motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and super fun to work with!

Looking forward to continuing my journey with her!

- Nessa


The main reason I wanted to get a personal trainer was because I found it very hard to motivate myself to exercise and to keep going with a plan. I had a couple of exercises that I would do for a week and then stop for months. I found that, working with Nerissa, this was never an issue. When working through a routine, Nerissa gives out endless encouragement and motivation with a very personal touch for each plan. She adjusted my plan after every 4 weeks which kept things interesting for me the entire time. I am now 10 weeks into my course and already notice a huge difference in how I feel.

The main thing I wanted to get from this workout was to get healthier and fitter- I wasn’t looking to lose a tonne of weight; rather I wanted to increase my stamina and feel stronger. When I told Nerissa this at the beginning of my 12-week plan she had endless options on how to approach this. She didn’t force any of her plans on me and if there was ever anything in the plan that I wasn’t fond of, Nerissa had no problem adjusting it to suit my needs. When I had an injury or wasn’t feeling the best, she gave me a list of ways to help fix this and encouraged rest. I felt better and ready to go again after about a week.

At the beginning of the plan I told Nerissa that I didn’t want to adjust my whole lifestyle around my exercise. For example I didn’t want to entirely adjust my eating habits as I was happy with how I ate, and she completely understood. While still offering advice and suggestions on what to look out for and pay attention to, she never required me to do anything I didn’t want to do. Now I am working through a routine that doesn’t interfere with my lifestyle but still keeps me healthy, fit and confident in my body.

The best part about working with Nerissa is that she has a way of motivating you and pushing you to your limits without you even realising it. You want to achieve your goals for yourself and she gives you the tools to do so. I would recommend Nerissa to anyone looking for a workout that is effective, enjoyable and suited to their needs.   

- Sean


Starting my PT programme with Nerissa was the best decision I could have made! Lockdown has been tough on my routine, and I really struggled getting myself into a fitness routine. With Nerissa, she provides so much support and accountability that I've integrated my programme so seamlessly into my life!

Nerissa also takes the time to genuinely understand my goals, my lifestyle, and my abilities. I feel so much stronger, healthier, and happier since starting my journey six weeks ago and I'm thrilled to be continuing on with her!

- Ashley


I have known Nerissa on a personal level for many years. She is a perfectionist in every aspect of her life and in true Nerissa style excels in her role as a personal trainer. Nerissa has taken the time to dive deeper into the understanding of women's bodies, the menstrual cycle etc.. She has a world of knowledge around the body, training and nutrition and is always working hard to learn more so she can share with her clients. She has an extremely powerful work ethic and while she can't do the work for you. There is no one I could recommend more to help you understand how to get started and enjoy getting healthier. Her personality is bubbly full of fun and the way she Interacts with us all within a group builds a little community which is lovely. I'm a busy mum of 3 so don't use a gym. It's no problem. Nerissa has tailored my workouts so they can be done easily at home. Usually diet plans are so restrictive and the week drags.. Working with Nerissa, the weeks go too fast that's the only downside! I love being part of this little community. If you're thinking about it. Don't. Today's the day to get on it!! You won't be sorry

- Tracey


For years my idea of getting “in shape” was eating less and training more but thankfully Nerissa has changed this for me forever! I’ve always been active but I have never felt as strong and as confident as I do now after my 6 weeks training with Nerissa. I now love going to the gym and that feeling of getting stronger every week has become addictive. Food plans were always what put me off the idea of getting a PT but during my training I have never once felt restricted with my diet and still enjoy the foods I love every day. I honestly can’t thank Nerissa enough for both the physical and mental changes I have made in the last 6 weeks. Anyone thinking of starting with a PT honestly just do it now, it’s an investment in yourself that you won’t regret it! 

- Holly


So after having a baby mid 2020, endless sleepless nights, feeling sluggish and very low confidence, I decided I needed to give myself a kick in the backside and try something different as what I was doing before just wasn’t working for me anymore and after following and knowing Nerissa, I decided that this was something I wanted to do! As a lifestyle change and not just a 6 week programme! 

After my first call with Nerissa my motivation was at its highest! Her approach and way of thinking was inspirational and from day one the support from Nerissa and the other group members was brilliant! Endless amounts of information amd encouragement. My first 6 weeks fell at a very busy time with several social events so I was thinking these were major curve balls but with the guidance from

Nerissa it made me even more motivated. I am so happy with my results and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Nerissa and the team 🙌🏻

- Danielle


Before I began my 12 week transformation course with Nerissa, I had already managed to lose a good bit of weight on my own. I had lost this weight very fast , but not in a sustainable or safe manner. I understood how losing weight worked, but not how do to so in a safe and enjoyable way. Before I began working with Nerissa, my relationship with food and exercise was very much a Love/Hate one, where I would fear certain foods abuse my body with cardio. 

Nerissa taught me how I could eat the foods I liked, in moderation, to suit my life. I didn’t have to skip nights out or social gatherings for fear of falling off the wagon, but rather incorporate them into my schedule and plan. She taught me how resistance training and progressive overload would help me achieve the body shape I wanted, and saved me from endless hours of cardio on the treadmill. Nerissa educated me on exercise and nutrition. This was a lifestyle and NOT just another diet. Nerissa provided me with the tools to change my life going forward and a new way of thinking that worked specifically for me. 

My outlook on fitness and nutrition is so much different now to what it was 12 weeks ago. Nerissa guided and motivated me every step of the way and went above and beyond her duties as a PT. In my opinion, there are very few people in the fitness industry who will be as honest with you, and genuinely care for both your physical and mental health while partaking in their courses, as Nerissa. I couldn’t praise or recommend her enough. The best in the business.

- Seamus


When I started training with Nerissa it was so I could fit into a dress. I managed to do this though I didn't realise how much my mood would improve with a better diet and more exercise. I suffer with mental health issues and I can honestly say having Nerissa as a trainer has helped me not just in the way I look but mentally aswell. I feel less drained, I have more energy and i'm sleeping alot better. I can't thank her enough for all her help and support, definitely when i'm in a low mood. I havnt just lost weight I have gained the information I need to succeed in my transformation and gotten stronger physically and mentally. Also I get to eat all the foods I love including chocolate so thats a bonus.

- Jamie

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