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I went to the shop today & I couldn’t reach what I wanted on the top shelf -Short Girl Problems

What did I do? Did I ask for help or did I walk away?

The outcome depends on how much I wanted what was on the top shelf…

So, what is stopping YOU from getting from point A to point B? With anything in life? Sometimes we have to ask ourselves am I stopping myself? Am I constantly just making excuses? Am I my own roadblock?

Know that this is not a thing to be ashamed of! Awareness is the first step in transforming any area of your life. Knowing that something needs to change is often the fuel that ignites the fire.

Without sounding too cut-throat – you can make excuses OR you can make plans. I could have walked away in the supermarket out of embarrassment, but I didn’t. I asked for help and now my dinner is going to be class.

IF you HAVE trouble MAKING the plan, ask for help!

We have endless amounts of experts at our fingertips these days.

Those experts will more than likely give you a plan along with all the necessary tools you need in the tool box to succeed.

To name but a few who I look up to with regards to health & fitness –

PTs & specialists in mobility and the alleviation of pain – Rob at Total Training Dublin, Wayne McGrath at Move 2 Freedom

Yoga Instructors – Fiouru, Ashley O' Toole

Nutritionists – Fig Nutrition

I would recommend these people because they, LIKE me care about their clients and will do anything for their clients!

But YOU have to take responsibility for YOU. Coaches can provide you with all the necessary tools you need to succeed but unless you implement them.

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