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SPOT. THE. DIFFERENCE. Hint – there is a LOT of pain behind those eyes on the right...

PHOTOS: February – April – October.

More proof that the G R A M is a very unreliable teller of whether someone is happy or not. That photo on the RIGHT was taken after two days with my head bet into a toilet, hurling with the most horrendous vomiting bug I had ever been struck with. So, of COURSE, needing new photos for the ol dance CV, I grabbed my hunzos (erin, ash, Kendal) & got them to do my hair and make-up and take some photos – cause I was having a ‘skinny-day’. WHAT. THE. FUCK like? Looking back now, I could barely stand and had to do a Show that night – the jelliest leggiest show I ever performed.

But, hey, got the good photo. Got praised on Insta, worth it, no??

Now, the photo in April…that one wasn’t getting posted to the G R A M. I was coming off the back of an injury so not surprising it is a bit….puffier. BUT, I was actually quite happy at this point. I was chilling at home with my parents, drinking WAYYYY to many pints in the sun, playing cribbage with my dad and having about 4 BBQs a week. Lockdown no. 1! No surprise that there was a few extra ‘living life’ inches added on there. No regrets. YOLO. Had a good time, WORTH IT!

THEN, the photo on the left! Now, that smile is REAL. Not because I lost a bit of weight (although, I was very happy with how I looked at that point, self-love & all that jazz) but because I was genuinely HAPPY! I was TRAINING HARD and I was LOVING IT! I was more active day-to-day – moved to Dublin City – I’ve always been OBSESSED with walking aimlessly around cities, so my step count these days is FIRE. More importantly, I was EATING A LOT OF FOOD and LISTENING TO MY BODY for the first time in…years?? Ever??!! Fueling my body efficiently which meant – better training, better sleep, better mood, overall happiness. Helps that I also found a new career path that I absolutely LOVE and that actually still allows me the freedom to Dance! Passion – find it, follow it & pursue it!

P.O. S – Take everything you see with a grain of salt & before praising someone’s appearance in a photo where they look like they’ve lost a lot of weight consider swapping – ‘YOU LOOK GREAT’ ‘YOU LOOK SO SKINNY’ to ‘YOU LOOK SO HAPPY’… Maybe they are?? Who knows?? Hard to tell from a still photo of a person you may or may not know in real life…

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