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I HATE running….so yesterday, I started running…

This week was probably a week of fresh starts for some and a week of overwhelming pressure and stress for others. I had a lot of clients starting new programs yesterday and my main bit of advice was to take things very much at their own pace and know that it is a marathon, not a sprint & in order to make sustainable changes, things need to be implemented slowly and gradually. AIM for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION.

So, with all my great advice to them…I went and ran 5k, having not ran properly in about 10 years.

I am MENTALLY SCARRED when it comes to running mainly due to when I was younger – I would FORCE myself to run EVERY. SINGLE. DAY when I was competing. Because heaven forbid, I missed one day of running, I might not do well in the Feis that weekend. HOURS of endless cardio and a very protein deficient diet = A LOT of INJURIES!

Running for me is very much a mental battle that I want to face this year. For me. For my head. That is my goal.

IF however your goal is weight/fat loss. I cannot stress the importance of resistance training enough! You may burn more calories in your 20-minute cardio workout (which I am not against, by any means, especially if you enjoy it), but in order to get more lean muscle into that beautiful body of yours – RESISTANCE TRAINING & PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.

The more muscle we have = the more our bodies are naturally burning more calories, even when we are sitting down, binging Bridgerton.

Whatever your goals may be this year – physical, mental, spiritual, I wish you every success in them all!

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